Supporting children’s creative thinking and learning in the Foundation Stage

image4A cluster of 4 schools wanted to focus on the Characteristic of Effective Learning and how they could support children’s thinking and learning. They focussed on the following questions:

  • How do we understand young children’s learning and development and use this to form the core of high quality provision and practice?
  • How do we interpret this into an enabling environment which supports the quality of learning and development for all children?
  • How do we observe the context of children’s learning and development and use this to monitor their progress in the Foundation Stage?

image5Di worked with the group as a ‘community of learners’ undertaking practitioner based research and produced an exemplification of the Characteristics of Learning through child- initiated play and activities.

The exemplification includes the wonderful Learning Stories that were observed as the children followed their interests and ideas.

What people said;

“The initiative has given me a deeper understanding of children as thinkers and learners”

“It provided a fantastic opportunity and the time to develop a shared understanding with other schools. Without the initiative this would have been very hard to do”

“The initiative really got me thinking. It inspired me. I found it especially valuable to work together with others”

“Excellent initiative designed by a supremely knowledgeable, experienced consultant, who values ‘whole child’”