Useful contacts and links

The  following links support the development of good practice in the EYFS and KS1.

WatchMeGrow has some suggestions which are all worth a browse and are a mine of information (we will add to the suggestions but here are a few to be getting on with!).

  • Early Education supports those working in Early Years with training, resources and professional networks, campaigning for quality education for our youngest children.
  • TACTYC (The Association for Professional Development in Early Years) promotes and advocates the highest quality professional development for all early years educators in order to enhance the educational well-being of the youngest children. The website has recent, relevant and crucial updates on all aspects of early years development. The Annual conference is very good – great for  making you think….
  • The National Literacy Trust supports the development of early language and communication skills as the vital first step to literacy. It includes Talk to your baby  (very interesting information, updates and conferences) , Early Words Together and the Hello Project. Look out for the Early Years Tab…….
  • The Communication Trust is a coalition of over 50 not-for-profit organisations. Working together  they  support everyone who works with children and young people in England to support their speech, language and communication. Look out for some excellent materials (e.g. Universally Speaking – Ages and stages of children’s communication development) resources and research papers…..
  • Sightlines Initiative is an independent national organisation promoting creative and reflective practice in early childhood education (Brilliant). Empowering children to learn through enquiry, expression, imagination and curiosity.  It is an International Network which is connected to the Philosophy and Practice of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy.  Have a look at the Resource Library, Pedagogical Development  and the shop (where you can buy all the Reggio Books and Documentation)
  • Community Playthings Have a look at the Community Playthings ‘Learning Library’ which has some wonderful case studies, Training Resources, Articles, Videos and a Blog. If you sign up to the Blog every now and then an email will arrive with some inspiring and thoughtful observation of children engaged in play and following an interest – it will  brighten you day!
  • Early Arts is a Creative Teaching and Training network, helping early years leaders bring children’s creativity to life.  Sign up for the Blog and updates as there are very thoughtful and reflective articles about children’s early development, creativity and creative thinking, play and the challenges that face us all in early education today.
  • Harvard University Center on the Developing Child  – if you are interested in children’s development and how they learn this is the sight for you. There are some extremely helpful, short films about Brain Architecture and the development of language and thinking…all put in very simple but powerful language. Have a look for films on Brain Architecture and Serve and Return – then share them with your colleagues and parents….